The Classes of 2025 and 2026 dispersed across Los Angeles for a day of exploration, fostering bonds and deepening their connection to the city we call home. 


9月15日, the Classes of 2025 and 2026 ventured across Los Angeles for a day of bonding and city exploration.

The Class of 2026 traveled to Santa Monica Beach for a beach clean up. 在离开校园之前,罗蕾莱. ’26, 班级的环境代表, first educated her peers on the impact of microplastics on the ocean’s ecosystem, 强调他们旅行的重要性. Once they arrived, the 10th graders immediately set to work. 以奉献和热情, 学生们梳理了新月湾公园周围的区域, 揭示一组独特的项目, 从地毯到摩托车. 2026届院长马克西姆·萨尔茨堡股份, “Students also found a Birkenstock and an expensive pair of sunglasses. It was incredible to see the range of interesting things discarded and left behind.“虽然清理工作本身很辛苦, 学生们找时间玩, 笑声, 类结合, 享受着洛杉矶的阳光. 

Meanwhile, the Class of 2025 embarked on their annual Explore LA Day tradition. 分成小组, they traveled to different parts of Los Angeles to learn about the city’s history, 文化地标, 烹饪的乐趣. 

Thirteen students headed out on a guided tour of nearby neighborhoods, 包括西亚当斯和洛杉矶市中心. 他们的旅行重点是强调布莱克的方式, Afro-Mexican, 中国人, 其他有色人种也做出了贡献, 并继续做出贡献, 城市的结构. “We did a scavenger hunt which was a great way to learn how these folks shaped Los Angeles culturally, 宗教, 和社会,Demi S. ’25. 在奥尔良和约克熟食店结束他们的一天, the group enjoyed shrimp po’ boys and Philly cheesesteaks which Lilly S. ’25 describes with a smile on her face: “Everything was really yummy.”

Olvera Street and the 中国人 American Museum of Los Angeles
After the short bus ride to Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles, 11 students embarked on a guided tour of the historic street led by a docent. They learned about the architecture and design of Olvera Street’s iconic buildings, 参观了塞普尔韦达家的寄宿公寓, 参观了阿维拉奥多比. “One of the most interesting things I learned was that the design of Olvera Street was modeled after a ‘Spanish fantasy past,’”尼尔. ’25. “It was modeled to look like a romanticized part of Spain, which did not represent the lives of people living there when it was built.然后学生们有机会吃玉米卷饼, taquitos, 炸玉米饼, and churros before heading to the 中国人 American Museum of Los Angeles. 在博物馆, they learned about the history of 中国人 immigration to the Los Angeles area, gaining a deeper appreciation for the differences between “Old Chinatown” and “New Chinatown.”

A group of 12 students ventured out on a seven-mile bike ride through the 艺术 District of Los Angeles to better understand the area’s history and the city’s vibrant art scene. 沿途路过壁画, the tour guides highlighted the street artists who completed the works including Royal Dog, Wrdsmth, 科莱特米勒, 核, 和Hueman. After cycling beneath and across the newly opened Sixth Street Bridge, the students ate “an exquisite variety of foods from Grand Central Market,股票摩根C. ’25. 这群人在市中心的一家画廊结束了他们的一天, where they enjoyed contemporary art and found moments for introspection.

通过洛杉矶地铁探索博伊尔高地, 17 students sampled a range of foods from many different vendors. “The highlight for me was touring a tortilla factory,” says Jade C. ’25. 在ku娱乐游戏平台的一个站点吃了玉米饼之后, it was especially interesting to learn more about how they are made."一整天, 学生们沉迷于各种口味, 包括传统的山羊birria, horchata, pupusas, 甚至还有蟋蟀. “I liked trying all the different snacks that you would not find in a traditional store. 虽然我一开始不确定我是否会喜欢一些东西, 最后一切都很好,伊丽莎白·L说。. ’25.

Nine students had the chance to tour the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, 由乔纳森·艾伦指导, Marlborough’s Director of Studies and AP World History instructor. 作为西半球最大的佛教寺庙, 它具有巨大的文化和教育意义. The group toured the temple, learning the meaning behind its various gardens and bodhisattvas. Their visit included a traditional tea ceremony and a lesson on Humanistic Buddhism taught by Venerable Hui Ze, 寺庙里的一个和尚. “The tea ceremony felt especially special,” shares Emma W. ’25. “We sampled tea that you can only find in very specific places in the United States and the ritual was interesting to observe.”

在盖蒂中心, 18 students had an enriching experience filled with art appreciation, 探索中央花园, 从各个博物馆的塔楼上俯瞰广阔的景色. 梅根·伯恩斯坦11年级, ku真人手机版通讯部副主任, 同时也是盖蒂中心的志愿者讲解员, guided the students through a captivating tour of the main collection, spending time to engage in in-depth discussions at pieces by Pontormo, 伦布兰特, 以及雅克·路易斯·大卫. Students were also given a scavenger hunt that took them on a journey across the site. “We found pieces that reminded us of Los Angeles and of the Marlborough community, 还有其他可以用来模仿拍照的东西,温特. ’25. “我希望每个人都能去参观盖蒂中心,”劳伦. 25对她的同学们说. “我强烈推荐你去看看!”

Fifteen students spent the day touring the neighborhood of 小东京. 在到达时, they had some free time to roam around and explore the speciality shops around the main plaza. The group then visited one of Los Angeles’ oldest confectioneries, 他们在那里品尝了不同口味的麻糬. “It was really interesting to be part of the history of this shop,” Luna C. “25股. 另外,花生酱麻糬也很好吃!他们的参观在小东京市场结束了, where students engaged in more shopping before treating themselves to Korean corn dogs which consisted of cheese, 香肠, 上面放着热辣奇多. 

从学生的冒险中看到更多, watch their Instagram takeovers recapping their experiences. 参观 @马尔堡life page on Instagram and click on the “Explore LA” highlight.